Cost of Asbestos Removal Per Square Foot

How much does it cost to remove asbestos

Asbestos removal costs

We have created a page that outlines some of the costs of asbestos removal in Victoria BC. From small cuts and removals to asbestos removal projects. Note there can be some off-site costs for the creation of necessary documentation (Notice of Project, Risk Assessment, Work Procedures), waste removal, and with high risk projects a third party consultant is employed to conduct daily air monitoring and final air clearances.

  • Site Hygiene – HEPA Vacuuming, wet wiping, air filtration – you may have had a spill of attic insulation or damaged (friable) asbestos materials (furnace tape, fiber board, etc), small jobs would be charged by the hour and we can provide a price estimate for larger cleanups.
  • Asbestos Furnace Tape and Fiberboard – This can start at $150 for small amounts but an entire basement can often cost about $1000 to have all the asbestos tape removed. We can also remove asbestos fiberboard from around the vents and for larger renovations it may be best to remove the entire ventilation system (which may involve opening up the basement ceiling). This would  usually fall into the $3000 range.
  • Drywall – from cutting a small hole for a fan, repairs, (kitchen/bathroom) installations (from $65/hr) to removing all drywall down the building’s studs ($5,000 – and up).


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Operations Manager at Canadian HAZ-MAT Environmental Ltd. Canadian Haz-mat Environmental is an independent Victoria BC based asbestos abatement company with a strong focus on education and improving public awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos. We support banning inappropriate uses of asbestos as a cause that pretty much anyone can get behind. We strongly believe Canada needs to build financial incentives (effective forms of subsidization) into the identification, abatement and disposal of asbestos from Canadian homes and businesses if we are to effectively address this problem.