New Clients

We setup this page to help potential consumers of asbestos abatement services better understand the process and we encourage you to ask questions and generally inform yourself throughout the process. For example: ask the contractor to create a viewing window in the containment so you are able to observe work/results or provide photo updates.

Before you start any work:

  • Don’t learn as you go, try to gain an understanding of the process so you can use your abatement budget strategically and understand the costs/risks involved
  • It is so important to ensure you have all of the correct documentation at the end of the job
  • WorkSafeBC is the body that specifieds guidelines for the asbestos abatement industry

Step One – Have a hazourdous materials survey completed so you know which (if any) materials need to be remediated.

WorkSafeBC Resources:

Finding a Contractor

The asbestos laboratories in your area generally work with all of the local contractors and can potentially provide the best recomendations on who is working to WorkSafeBC standards. If you are contracting abatement services try to educate yourself on the general process so that you can manage/observe the work to ensure it is being completed properly. Ask questions and find out who will actually be in your business or home, are they bonded, do they have experience. Get a timeline in writing (tied to payments) as sometimes contracts will start multiple jobs.

Our Getting Started Resources: