Hazardous Materials Timeline for Homes and Businesses

Approximate End Of Use

This list of materials is not intended to be used to assess the present of asbestos, all suspect materials must be sampled and tested by an accredited lab to determine if they contain asbestos. This list is intended to help users be more aware of the thousands of building products that are assumed to contain asbestos.

Note asbestos may still be used in specific installations (eg gaskets where heat is a critical factor), car parts, or asbestos cement(Globe and Mail article).

2006 Heavy Metals

  • Paints may contain heavy metals as pigments and/or preservatives.

1990 Asbestos

  • A home or business built before Dec 31 1990 requires a hazmat survey prior to renovations, demolition, or repairs.

Late 1980’s Asbestos

  • Flooring compounds
  • Mastics, coatings and sealants
  • Roofing materials
  • Asbestos-containing vermiculite

We can identify and remove asbestos containing materials in  your home or business.

Mid 1980’s Asbestos

  • Vinyl floor tile and sheet flooring
  • Drywall taping/joint compound
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Plaster
  • Window putties and caulking
  • Sprayed decorative/acoustic

Early 1980’s Asbestos

  • Mechanical/pipe insulation

1980 Lead in Paint

  • Paints often contain lead, note: exterior paint may still contain lead, well after this date – especially outdoor paints.

Mid 1970’s Asbestos

  • Sprayed fireproofing
  • Sprayed thermal insulation

Late 1970’s PCB’s

  • Fluorescent Ballasts and transformers

Mid 1970’s Lead in Paint

  • Lead phased out of architectural paints

1960 Lead in Paint

  •  Most likely painted inside and outside with (high concentration) lead-based paint.
  • Note – concerning levels of lead in paint have been present well into the early 2000’s

1920’s Asbestos

  • This is when asbestos starting being used in homes. Of course any home built before this time may have had asbestos containing materials added if any renovations, additions, or repairs were conducted.

Please note, these are approximate dates only and can not be used to rule out (or assume existence of) hazardous materials existing in a structure. We can provide free information and pricing on asbestos removal.

Please email us at info@haz-mat.ca if you have any feedback, corrections, or additions to this information.

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Approximate end of use for hazardous materials in homes and businesses

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