Commercial Asbestos Abatement

commercial retail asbestos removal

Renovating commercial spaces

From complex university, shipping, commercial projects to hydro substations, Canadian Haz-Mat Environmental Ltd. performs asbestos abatement projects in a safe, cost efficient manner. We have the capabilities to offer customers a custom abatement solution to meet your specific needs, timing, and requirements.
Large Commercial Spaces
Shaw Communications
BC Hydro Substation – Power System Safety Protection (PSSP). We are a registered contractor with staff trained specifically to work safely at BC Hydro Substations:

  • PSSP Cat 2 & 3
  • STC Component Course

We provide customized projects and professional management for commercial and institutional sectors. We can scale up or down as your project evolves.

All asbestos abatement projects are managed by experienced project managers with formal training on the hazards of asbestos handling. All site personnel undergo specialized training to assure the proper usage of respiratory protection, decontamination facilities and removal techniques which assists in minimizing the risk to not only the asbestos workers but other contractors, operations personnel, or visitors to the work area as well.





Shipping Industry – Removing dust from electronic components (Bridge, Master Control Room, Engine Room).













technician cleaning electronics panel

Carefully removing hazardous dust from ship’s electronic systems



asbestos removal project at  BC university

Complex university projects involving flood damage and multiple contractors.

Coffee Franchise Renovation – this project was for mould abatement

commercial asbestos abatement

BC Hydro Substation

BC Hydro – Multiple Substations. Our technicians have specific training (PSSP) Cat 1 & 2 certification to work in these environments.

Commercial Asbestos Abatement – Project Management

5000+ square foot retail space in a Heritage Building in Victoria’s downtown