Roofing Materials Containing Asbestos

Roof mastics containing asbestos

Roof chimney and vent mastics containing asbestos.

Few would suspect that roofing materials are asbestos containing; past construction practices used asbestos roofing paper and roof vent mastics as a fire retardant. Up until recently there was little concern over disturbance of these materials given their location. However, an entire neighborhood can be contaminated in the removal process of these materials if proper controls are not in place. Sampling and analysis of roof vent mastics, roofing paper and roofing shingles is essential and required by WorkSafe BC before any work may commence on removal of roofing materials (for example shingles, roofing paper/felt, vent mastics, etc.

Removing Asbestos Containing Roofing (Shingles) and Transite (Asbestos Cement) Siding

For roofs, asbestos may be found in the tar compound used seal vents and repair roofs, or the shingles themselves may contain – see the video on youtube