Infection Control Services

We provide experienced workers and equipment in order to assist consultants and health professionals to complete abatement/hygiene/construction/deconstruction/dust control projects in healthcare facilities where there may be risks to patient populations – based upon the criteria set out in the CSA Standard for infection control.

Update: Canadian Haz-Mat Environmental Ltd is capable of cleaning to the universal cleaning guidelines set out by the CDC and VIHA for both Influenza and Covid-19.

This work can often include the abatement of mould and/or asbestos under infection control guidelines.

Canadian HAZ-MAT Environmental Ltd provides Infection Control services to health facilities. This work is focused on following infection control plans (ICP’s) and working closely with health professionals so our staff can carry out work/hygiene/abatement within or around healthcare facilities to avoid impacting ongoing operations and taking into account the sensitivities of patients and staff.  This work is closely monitored and usually incorporates (additional) safety controls, training and hygiene (as well as dust & noise control)  in order to limit the potential impact of this work.

Local invention improves infection control, speeds repairs/renovations at North Island Hospital