Pipe Insulation (also called Pipe Lagging) containing Asbestos

Mechanical / Pipe Insulation

Mechanical / Pipe Insulation – Pipes, boilers, tanks, ducts etc.

Pipe lagging, as it’s also known, utilized asbestos to both insulate and isolate piping as a temperature control measure. There are two main types of sheathing around the pipe with asbestos containing material (ACM) and a thick coating that’s applied by hand and must be scraped off in the pipe insulation removal process following high-risk asbestos abatement procedures. Both types fall under the category of thermal system insulators and were unknowingly used for years until the health effects of asbestos exposure became known. Dangerously friable, any work in the area of these asbestos containing materials can result in disturbance and suspension of asbestos fibres that can contribute to exposure. Pipe insulation can sometimes be hidden behind walls and out of sight.