Corporate spy was paid to gather evidence on the anti-asbestos movement.

In a civil case brought before Britain’s High Court of Justice filed in October, Moore and a corporate intelligence firm called K2 Intelligence Limited are accused of spending four years infiltrating a global network of anti-asbestos campaigners on behalf of an unknown client for the purposes of gathering information about their leadership, strategies and funding.

Moore has disclosed some 35,000 documents comprising emails, word documents, texts and audio files to the claimants after he was ordered to do so in October, according to Meeran’s statement.

Those documents, according to the claim, lay out Moore’s strategy for infiltrating Allen’s network, and using her as a means of contacting others and getting invited to conferences. Chief among his objectives was to gather information on the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat and its source of funding, the documents show.

Moore submitted in a witness statement that K2 paid him in excess of £460,000 (about $740,000 Cdn) in salaries and expenses between June 2012 and September 2016.