Asbestos and Demolition – Phase 2 (of 5) development project

house demolition process

First of four homes slated for demo for this development.

There are four homes coming down as part of the next phase of this expanding development of modern homes in the western communities. We have provided hazardous materials surveys and a mixture of high and moderate risk work (as required) on a very tight timeline to get this first house ready for demolition.

The entire work area is containing (ie sealed in plastic). The plaster ceiling had to be removed and we also needed to open up the baseboard area to clear debris.  You can also see below the 3 stage decontamination enclosure where workers enter and exit the contained work area (note this includes a shower out facility that all workers, bagged waste, tools, etc most use before exiting).

asbestos decon

3 stage decon with shower

removal of plaster and lathe

Windows get sealed off with poly for high risk work and you can see a separate opening as a viewing window allowing people outside to view work in progress.