Vermiculite Spill



This vermiculite (insulation) spilled out of the wall in an Oak Bay heritage home (built 1879) when the cable company cut into the wall to move telephone and cable connections. The homeowner called us while he was gathering information on how best to proceed.

We sealed the entire area off with 2 layers of poly (as required) and used a large custom ‘glove bag’ enclosure to create a barrier, and to be able to access the spill safely. A large volume HEPA vacuum was used to create a negative air flow while the clean-up (water misting and wet wiping) work took place. The entire room was wiped down and HEPA vacuumed (to the point of obsession). As with any project a notice of project(NOP) was filed with WorkSafeBC: proper containment, air monitoring, PPE, final air clearances, and regulation waste disposal were all followed. These kinds of ‘spills’ can also happen when working with Cinder Block walls (always have a qualified person conduct a hazmat survey before starting any work).