Example Client Update

We wanted to post a few example client updates.

These client updates have a Zen like flow and Josh (the supervisor) seems to have a gift for words, his updates seem oddly calming. It’s as though Morgan Freeman was watching over and narrating our job sites 🙂


Starting our day in unit 107 after completing paperwork we removed all the blown in insulation from the wall cavities. Scraped back all the damaged paint on the flat ceiling in the kitchen and ensured all bags in the zone were doubled and goosenecked. Once complete we fully cleaned our containment top to bottom and glued out using Fibreset. Doffing PPE and leaving the zone for the appropriate dwell time we shifted our focus to completing and readying the containment in 207 that was started yesterday. All areas to be removed have been measured and clearly marked, this zone is ready for us to begin work first thing on Monday. In the mid afternoon we returned to unit 107 to tear down the containment and shift all of the bags into the bathroom of that unit. Supplies and equipment then moved upstairs to unit 306 in preparation for the demo there. Scraping the floor of the bathroom in 107 still remains but we will need to do a bag out before the area will be available for the work. Closet organizer still to come out as well, closet doors stored in the bedroom of the unit.

About hazmat

Canadian HAZ-MAT Environmental Ltd.is an independent Victoria BC based asbestos abatement company with a strong focus on education and improving public awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos. We support banning inappropriate uses of asbestos as a cause that pretty much anyone can get behind. We strongly believe Canada needs to build financial incentives (effective forms of subsidization) into the identification, abatement and disposal of asbestos from Canadian homes and businesses if we are to effectively address this problem.