Province engaging British Columbians on asbestos practices

The B.C. government is currently reviewing what can be done to better protect people and the environment from asbestos in efforts to prevent more asbestos-related deaths. As part of this work, the Ministry of Labour is leading a provincial working group to examine what additional actions can be taken to ensure that both British Columbians and the environment are adequately protected from the dangers of asbestos.

Asbestos Practices

About Jacob

Operations Manager at Canadian HAZ-MAT Environmental Ltd. Canadian Haz-mat Environmental is an independent Victoria BC based asbestos abatement company with a strong focus on education and improving public awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos. We support banning inappropriate uses of asbestos as a cause that pretty much anyone can get behind. We strongly believe Canada needs to build financial incentives (effective forms of subsidization) into the identification, abatement and disposal of asbestos from Canadian homes and businesses if we are to effectively address this problem.